Our History

Chuksen Engineering Limited was formed in June, 2008 to provide high construction materials and building/civil Engineering Construction Services to Nigerians. The founder of the firm, Engr. Edwin Chuks Nwokorobia, mnse, is a professional engineer with well over twenty two years of progressive and responsible engineering experience.

The idea to first develop into a leading construction materials provider of choice before fully entering the highly competitive market was to carve a nitch for itself by developing a strong brand name. In-house production of the major construction materials enables the company keep its core value of providing its clients with fit-for-purpose and cost effective products and services.

To achieve its objectives of profitability, growth, societal contribution, and promotion of professional excellence, the company adopts appropriate management style and policies that reflect these core values in all its activities, both in the short term and in the long term. Chuksen Eng. invests heavily in human capacity building. The company is a place for human growth and fulfillment.

Chuksen Eng. operates as a limited liability company. The legal form will facilitate the transfer ownership (if desired) to some other persons/public in future, enable the company to maintain its individuality, guarantee business continuity and growth, attract and retain skilled managers to run the company, and make it easier to raise fund (equity) from investors, and long term loans from banks. The company operates a franchise prototype business model. The attraction of this model is that it will lead a business that is system-driven rather than promoter-driven. The model thus frees management to focus on leadership issues, policy issues, direction issues, analysis of market trends issues, and seizing of market opportunities issues. This way, the company remains on course on with its objectives, mission, and vision.

Chuksen Eng. is in business to provide comfort and safety to Nigerians. It intends to accomplish this through provision of high quality, cost effective and fit-for-purpose infrastructural facilities to individuals, corporate bodies, and Government. The prevailing low standards of construction, underscored by incessant collapse of buildings and other infrastructural facilities with the attendant losses of human lives and properties, make it imperative for us to be in business, to correct the anomalies, and to make a contribution to the society we live in.

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